Water Mapping

Course Hours: 8.0 Hours

Course Description

The course is built upon the fire research conducted to date by analyzing how firefighting tactics, specifically different fire suppression tools, and tactics, affect the thermal exposure and survivability of both firefighters and building occupants and affect fire behavior in structures. More specifically, the focus on how water is applied during fire suppression with varying approaches and how water stream applications affect the modern fire environment during interior fighting operations.  This course has both lecture and hands-on skills.


Persons accepted in this course must be a member of a compliant fire department and fit the requirements defined in O.C.G.A. Title 25-4-2 (6).

Who Should Attend

This course should be attended by firefighters with an interest in gaining a better understanding of how water distribution and air entrainment effects fire ground operations and how to apply these concepts to the fireground.

Special Notes

Students must provide positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus and full structural firefighter protective clothing to include boots, coat, pants, gloves, helmet, and hood.

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