Response to Resistance: Vascular Neck Restraint

Course Hours: 8.0 Hours

Course Description

This course is designed to address the vascular neck restraint as it pertains to law enforcement.  During this one-day course, students will receive a historical perspective of the technique, the legal issues that impact its use, and instruction on how to properly apply it.  Benefits and risks of utilizing the technique will also be addressed.   Emphasis will be placed on safety and the body's physical response to the application of this type of restraint. 

Training Outcomes

As a result of this training, officers will gain the ability to properly apply a vascular neck restraint for the safety of the aggressor, and the safety of both fellow officers and others present.


Students must successfully completed either De-Escalation and Control Tactics or Surviving the Ground Fight in order to be permitted to take this training.

Who Should Attend

Certified law enforcement officers with local, state, or federal agencies would benefit from this training.

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