Fundamentals of Human Trafficking

Course Hours: 24.0 Hours

Course Description

Conducting the initial part of a human trafficking investigation can be complex and different from other types of investigations. Having a good understanding and knowledge of human trafficking is key. This will not only help officers recognize what criminal activity may be afoot but equip them with skills for interacting with victims in a manner that will not re-traumatize them. This approach is more likely to result in victim cooperation, thus creating the best possible path forward for criminal prosecution, as well as increasing the likelihood that the victim will accept services. The course also uses videos and case studies of both incidents and survivors to help the officer understand the principles being taught and how to apply them.  

This course allows the students to understand why proactive operations can be so successful in battling human trafficking and how to conduct the various types of operations.  The course will cover the development of an operational plan, obstacles of operations, officer safety issues, choosing a location, best practices for interactions with victims and suspects and the various types of operations to include, hotel/motel, casinos, bus depot/train station, truck stop, illicit massage businesses, ?track?/? blade?, travelers, sex offender operations, counter demand operations. 

Students will also learn about the business model that human trafficking within illicit massage businesses is predicated upon as well as the various types of organized criminal entities involved. An understanding of how victims are controlled, why they don?t ask for help and are reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement is provided. Students will understand the various approaches available to dismantle this business model, shut down illicit massage businesses and identify, investigate, and dismantle illicit massage businesses as well as build a strategy for their jurisdiction.

Proactive human trafficking operations are not only a deterrent but allow the agency and officers the opportunity to identify and rescue human trafficking victims and arrest traffickers.  These operations can be complex, confusing and if not properly carried out can create officer safety issues and result in additional harm to victims.  Having the proper training on these types of operations is critical.  


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for certified law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts.

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