Combat Draw

Course Hours: 16.0 Hours

Course Description

The main emphasis throughout the drills included is firing 1-3 accurate rounds, starting with a holstered weapon. Drawing drills are stressed. The times start below standard, building the officers up gradually, through repetitive drills, to the standard documented for each drill. The final drill is a ?Failure to Stop Drill? within the POST time standard of three seconds. 

Training Outcomes

There is a particular emphasis on the accuracy of the very first round fired after drawing a holstered weapon, thereby increasing the likelihood of surviving a deadly force encounter. 


All students must be certified and sworn law enforcement officers.

Who Should Attend

This course should be attended by all sworn officer whose duties may place them in a situation potentially leading to a deadly force encounter involving a firearm.  

Special Notes

Officers should bring a semi-automatic handgun, a duty belt with at least a level 3 holster (or the highest retention level holster their agency carries; at least a level 2), at least 3 magazines, a magazine pouch, ear protection, eye protection, and a hat with a brim. 

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