Crowd Control

Course Hours: 32.0 Hours

Course Description

This four-day crowd control course provides law enforcement with instruction in protest types and actions, legal considerations, responsibilities of the Crowd Control Unit, dealing with mass arrests, and usage of non-deadly riot control agents. This course is a combination of lecture and practical activity which allows the student to participate in a hands-on training environment so that they can practice all of the learned skills (baton usage, formations, crowd dispersal, arrests).

Training Outcomes

Provide the student with the knowledge and ability to legally and effectively handle a civil disorder event.


Must be employed with a local, state, or federal agency. Preference will given to students who provide agency proof that they are assigned to a crowd control unit.

Who Should Attend

Any officer who is assigned to a crowd control unit.

Special Notes

Students will be provided the following: Helmets, Eye Protection, Training Gas Mask, Batons, and Shields,

Students must provide: Duty Belt (with no firearms, magazines, baton, OC, TASER, or other weapons), Tactical Dress, Protective Equipment (Body Armor, Forearm Guards, Upper Thigh Guards, Knee Pads, Shin Guards), Duty Issue Gas Mask, Flashlight, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Water Bottle or Hydration Device, and Attire for Inclement Weather. 

There will be a controlled exposure to CS so a change of clothes is suggested.

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