UAS Regulatory, Registration and Licensing Requirements for Public Safety Entities

Course Hours: 8.0 Hours

Course Description

This class will focus on the most narrowly targeted of areas, dealing exclusively with what public safety agencies need to do in order to get themselves up and running, with fully authorized, operational, and federally compliant UAS programs. Working within the FAA's highly structured approval framework, this class will take the attendee student from "zero knowledge" to fully informed, as to what is allowed from a generalized UAS operations perspective and most importantly, what is required specifically, for the lawful operation of a "public entity" sUAS. 

Utilizing primarily the FAA's own resources, both online and in print form, the attendee students will be walked thru the process of establishing an IACRA account, registering their agency's sUAS, applying for the agency's Certificate of Authorization/Waiver (COA), and submitting their application for the Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot in Command Airman's Certificate. Other subject matter areas to be covered include: the Federal Aviation Administration and its role in regulating UAS and sUAS operations, Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), crew resource management/human factors, weather, pilot requirements, flight planning, pre-flight inspections, aircraft performance, weight and balance, components of the National Airspace System, safety and accident reporting/notification requirements, record keeping, and aircraft/systems maintenance. 

NO UAS are to be brought to this class. 

All Students intending to register one or more of their agency's sUAS during the class MUST bring with them, documentation for each Unmanned Aircraft to be registered. The specific information required to complete the online registration process includes: the sUAS Manufacturer, Model Name/Designation, Serial Number, and if available, the Date of Manufacture. Additionally, the student will be required to provide a payment card (debit or credit) for use in the payment of the required five dollar ($5.00) registration cost PER sUAS registered, online, to the FAA. 

Students are NOT REQUIRED to register an sUAS during the class in order to attend.

Who Should Attend

 Anyone involved in the planning, approval, or operation of a public safety agency UAS program, is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend this class. It is a "quick start" primer on getting an agency's UAS program up and running...lawfully and in the most timely and expedient manner. 

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