Protective Security Operations

Course Hours: 60.0 Hours

Course Description

This 60 hour course is designed for state and local law enforcement officers who are tasked with providing security for high profile individuals who are at risk of attack due to their status as a celebrity, politician, juror, defendant, witness, or government official. This course will emphasize close protection, advance work, threat evaluation and reaction necessary for providing security operations.


Certified and Sworn Law Enforcement who are currently or will be assigned to a Protective Security Detail. On the first day of class, officers will be required to produce a letter from their agency (on agency letter head) confirming their assignment to a departmental Protective Security Detail.

Who Should Attend

Certified and Sworn Law Enforcement who are currently or will be assigned to a Protective Security Detail.

Special Notes

Students need to bring note taking material and clothing to conduct Physical Training in. Students should not wear skirts, heels, or any attire which would restrict their ability to run. Students will need to bring business attire for the Final Practical Exercise and class photo. Students will need a photographer's vest or light jacket for every day wear and should also bring inclement weather attire. Students are encouraged to bring discreet snacks and liquids as breaks will be limited due to the intense schedule. Duty pistol with at least 1 magazine, concealment type holster, eye and ear protection along with a brimmed hat is required for Firearms Range Exercises. Students shooting calibers other than 9mm, .40, .45acp, and .38 special must supply their own frangible ammunition (100 rounds). Holster must be a strong side carry type which secures at the waist. No ankle, shoulder, cross draw, small of back, or appendix carry holsters are permitted. Students will participate in off campus practical exercises conducted in public locations. Students should be in good physical condition and be able to run short distances. Students will conduct regular and regimented Physical Training throughout this course.

Start Date End Date Location (Hover for more information) Time Course Number Status
12/05/2022 12/09/2022 GPSTC, FORSYTH
Day 1: 8a-8p Day 3: 8a-2a Day 5: 8a-12p Day 2: 8a-6p Day 4: 8a-4p
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