Hazardous Materials Technician

Course Hours: 80.0 Hours

Course Description

Students will be trained to the minimum training requirements for emergency responders to incidents involving hazardous materials/WMD. Responders to these incidents are expected to perform technically advanced operations to mitigate the emergency. This course is designed to address these requirements and prepare the emergency responder to respond in a safe manner to protect themselves and their community. This course is eighty (80) hours long and broken into two segments, one week on one week off. The week off will have some assigned course work for week two. The eighty hour course covers identifying hazardous materials/WMD materials and their characteristics and toxic effects if released. It is designed to prepare responders to determine and utilize proper PPE to confine/contain the release and decontamination of personnel or civilians that are involved in the release.


NPQ Hazardous Materials Operations - Core NIMS 200

Who Should Attend

Public Safety Personnel that are part of a Hazardous Materials team or respond to the level of this training.

Special Notes

Students should provide positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus.

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