Ambush Survival Tactics

Course Hours: 16.0 Hours

Course Description

This two day seminar covers 16 hours of training. It is designed for law enforcement officers assigned to the uniform patrol division as well as uniform street crimes and violent offender units. Officers must be well prepared mentally and physically to deal with any type of violent encounter, including trauma care, during combat situations. Classroom training alone is not enough. Patrol officers need hands-on training to complete the process. This course is designed with minimal classroom and maximum realistic scenario based training. The student officer must be confident with his/her ability and have a solid working knowledge of what actions and tactics they can use to handle the encounter and protect themselves, other officers, and civilian victims.


Certified and Sworn Law Enforcement.

Who Should Attend

Certified and Sworn Law Enforcement.

Special Notes

Students will need to bring the following equipment and clothing items for class: - Long sleeve T-shirt or BDU type button up with police identifiers - Long pants (BDU type Recommended) - Extra pair of training clothes due to the physical nature of the course - Boots or athletic type footwear (no open toe or slip on type shoes) - Gun Belt - Tourniquet and IFAK if equipped with one - Flashlight (independent of firearm) - Rail mounted gun light if equipped with one - Ballistic vest - Tactical type shooting gloves for training scenarios - Long sleeve civilian type T-shirt with no law enforcement identifiers for role playing as suspect. AVOID : Black, Orange or Olive colors - Hydration for use during practical training.

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