Domestic Terrorism - The Enemy Within

Course Hours: 8.0 Hours

Course Description

This course focuses on the dynamics of domestic terrorism, its history in the United States, and the threat it poses today. Detailed case studies are a key feature of this class, and are used throughout to illustrate multifaceted topics such as the components of a terrorist movement, long-term strategic goals, and the origin of the various groups. As these case studies will reveal, terrorists (whether domestic or international) continuously rely upon time-tested principles that remain as frighteningly effective today as they were in decades past. Furthermore, as students will discover, many of the former extremist actors from the past continue to remain in the background or forefront of todays terrorist and extremist groups. The course study will define the types of terrorist operatives, from the independent lone actor to the trained, disciplined professional, along with examples of each. Using this assessment, lone operatives such as the Unabomber, and violent incidents such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, will be presented. The class will discuss the doctrine of the "Leaderless Resistance", the advent of the Phantom Cell, and the subsequent Oklahoma City Bombing. Georgia's own encounter with terrorism - The Atlanta Olympic Bombing - will be discussed from the personal on-scene perspective of the instructor. The continuous presence of the Islamic Jihadist remains a constant threat and is a clear and present danger both internationally and domestically. This is demonstrated with the case study of Nidal Hassan and the Fort Hood Shooting. In the final segment of the course, the latest terrorist incidents in 2013, to include the Orlando Mass Shooting and the Boston Bombing, will be discussed and then followed by an open forum with the class.

Training Outcomes

To obtain clear understanding of the dynamics of domestic terrorism and its history in the United States and abroad.


Must be sworn and certified local, state, federal, or military law enforcement personnel.

Who Should Attend

Open to all sworn and certified local, state, federal, and military law enforcement personnel.

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