Marijuana Certified Examiners Course

Course Hours: 20.0 Hours

Course Description

This course was designed for agencies in need of personnel who are certified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Division of Forensic Sciences, as experts in the identification of marijuana. Topics include marijuana laws, the history of marijuana, botanical characteristics of the marijuana plant, and at least eight hours of practical exercises in the GPSTC Forensic Laboratory. Upon completion of all assignments, students will receive certification as an expert in the identification of marijuana that will be valid for four years.


Students MUST be able to distinguish the various colors of the spectrum to successfully complete this course. If a student knows that he/she is color blind or has some type of color vision deficiency, they should not attend this class. Students will be required to complete a vision assessment on the first morning of class. If a student is unable to successfully complete and pass the vision assessment, he or she will not be allowed to complete the course.

Who Should Attend

People who will be required as part of their work duties to test marijuana for court purposes should attend this course. This 20-hour course is designed for people who have never been certified as marijuana examiners. This course is also open to any person who has previously been certified as a marijuana examiner, but would like to attend the entire course again to get recertified. However, people who need to go through recertification are NOT required to attend the full 20-hour course. They may attend the 12-hour recertification course instead.

Special Notes

Special Notes: Students are required to bring a department microscope, balances, and weights along with 30 Duquenois-Levine and 30 Fast Blue B (KN Reagent) test kits (three boxes of each). A complete equipment list can be located in the manual. Once students have received access to the manual, they may print it, or download the manual and save it to their computers. Please be advised of the following information before printing the student manual. The Marijuana Certified Examiners Course manual is approximately 165 pages. It is NOT necessary for students to print the entire manual to bring to class. The manual consists of reference materials, case law, and photographs.  Students will be afforded the opportunity to purchase a manual upon arrival if they so choose.

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