Palm Print Comparisons

Course Hours: 40.0 Hours

Course Description

This 40-hour course is an advanced level course on palm print comparisons. This course is the third of the five-part series of latent print courses. Topics will include analysis, comparison, evaluation, and verification of palm impressions.


The prerequisites for this class are the successful completion of Intermediate Friction Ridge Analysis 1 and 2.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for latent print examiners who are involved in the identification and examination of latent prints. The target audience for this course will be those who are already involved in the forensic discipline of latent print identification. Students should not be beginners in the field, but seasoned practitioners who want to develop their skill to a level at which they can take and pass the International Association for Identification's Latent Print Examiner certification test or a third-party competency test.

Special Notes

Printed material will not be issued. Students must print or download class materials and bring them to class. A pretest will be administered on the first day of class encompassing material from the previous latent print courses in this series. Failure to obtain a minimum grade of 70% on the pretest will result in withdrawal from the course.

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