Response to Terrorism in Georgia

Course Hours: 24.0 Hours

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the ongoing threat of international and domestic terrorism, attack detection and prevention, and response tactics for potential and actual terrorism events. Topics include: international and domestic terrorism threats; motivations and objectives for terrorism; recognition and identification of military ordnance, energetic materials, devices and components; introduction to homemade explosives; suicide bombers; improvised explosive device awareness; threat and risk assessment and management of potential incidents of terrorism.

Training Outcomes

Participants will have a better working knowledge of Terrorist Threats International and Domestic, Explosive Devices, and Threat Management. They will have a knowledge of Homemade Explosives, Suicide Bombers and Improvised Explosive Devices.


LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE. Due to the nature of the course, the following prerequisites must be met: (1) Students must be employed by a local, state, federal, or military public safety agency. (2) Non-law enforcement certified applicants with pending felony charges or convictions are prohibited from attendance. The course coordinator may require production of a criminal history record prior to attendance for non-LEO certified applicants.

Who Should Attend

Certified, state, federal, military law enforcement and other public safety personnel who meet the prerequisites.

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