Intermediate Friction Ridge Analysis 1

Course Hours: 40.0 Hours

Course Description

This course is designed to be a continuation of the currently offered basic fingerprint courses conducted by the Georgia Police Academy. It will cover the history of friction ridge comparison and the analysis portion of the most predominantly accepted friction ridge identification methodology.


Completion of the three basic fingerprint courses sponsored by the Georgia Police Academy, or their approved equivalents are prerequisites for this course. Students should submit a letter from their agency head or designee which states (1) that the applicant will attend all five courses in the annual session, and (2) the applicant actively performs latent print comparisons during the course of his or her duty and has performed this duty for at least one year.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this course will be those who are already involved in the forensic discipline of latent print identification. These students should not be beginners in the field, but seasoned practitioners who want to develop their skill to a level at which they can take and pass the International Association for Identification's Latent Print Examiner certification test.

Special Notes

Students must read The Science of Fingerprints and Quantitative Qualitative Friction Ridge Analysis prior to attendance. A test over the required reading must be passed with a grade of 70% or better following registration in order to stay in the class. Please print or download the student manual prior to class. Each participant should bring with them to class a fingerprint magnification loop and a laptop computer with Microsoft capabilities. 

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