Dynamics of Vehicle Pursuits

Course Hours: 6.0 Hours

Course Description

Considering the harmful potential any vehicle pursuit can entail, it is essential for officers to take careful consideration before initiating or continuing a pursuit.   This course is designed to generate a better understanding of the laws governing, and the legal consequences of, pursuits. This course will also explain why some of the most common mistakes are made in beginning or continuing a pursuit. Information covering the emotional connections and mental processing, along with physical reactions produced by a vehicle pursuit, will be addressed to assist officers and supervisors understand, and safely manage, pursuit situations.

Who Should Attend

This course is most beneficial to law enforcement officers assigned to a position that requires operation of an emergency vehicle.

Special Notes


It consists of graded assignments throughout the course that determine if you pass or fail. Please be mindful of the course date range when registering.

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08/01/2024 08/21/2024 ONLINE
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09/01/2024 09/21/2024 ONLINE
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10/01/2024 10/21/2024 ONLINE
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