Active Shooter: ALERRT Level 1 Train-The-Trainer

Course Hours: 40.0 Hours

Course Description

The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program at Texas State University - San Marcos was created and developed with the basic goal of providing proven tactical training to first responders in order to better protect their communities and save lives. The training program is relevant, standardized, and constantly evaluated to ensure that the latest terrorist threats are addressed and planned for. It encompasses realistic force on force scenarios to prepare first responders to act, not simply have an awareness of this clear and present threat. This course addresses the tactics required to swiftly and effectively respond to and stop an active shooter threat. This is accomplished through the use of classroom instruction, hands-on performance based training, and scenario based force on force practical exercises.


Certified and Sworn Law Enforcement.

Who Should Attend

Instructor-certified local, state, federal, or military law enforcement personnel directed with conducting active shooter tactical training.

Special Notes

This course uses Simunition; therefore, the student will need to bring protection such as long sleeve shirts or jacket. Head and throat protection will be provided. Students should bring groin protection if desired. Students should bring note taking materials such as a pen and paper.  Students should bring attire for inclement weather, bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, and a refillable water container in anticipation of weather conditions and limited breaks.

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