GPSTC Directory

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Name Phone Email Agency
Adams, Bryan 478-993-4618 GEMA
Adamson, Kay 478-993-4612 GEMA
Allbritten, Greg 706-369-6342 GPSTC Athens
Allen, Sissy 478-993-4419 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Arnold, Charles 478-993-4650 Department of Community Supervision Training
Attaberry, Griffin 478-993-4371 GPSTC Driver Training
Bailey, Luanne 478-993-4674 GFA
Baker, Brian 478-993-4359 GPSTC Physical Plant
Ballard, Sherita 478-993-4560 GPSTC Basic Training
Banks, Antonio 478-993-4646 DJJ
Barkley, LaCheryl 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Barnhart, Steve 478-993-4455 GPA
Baynes, Casey 706-369-6342 GPSTC Athens
Benefield, Shane 229-386-3606 GPSTC Tifton
Berry, Bill 478-993-4625 GPA
Berry, Erin 478-993-4468 GPA
Bird, William 478-993-4334 GPSTC Firearms
Bostick, Rodney 478-993-4351   GPSTC Physical Plant
Boswell, Bill 478-993-4347 GPSTC Physical Plant
Bowen, Angela 478-993-4399 GPSTC Instructional Services
Brantley, Clinton 478-993-4294 GPSTC Instructional Services
Braswell, Hal 912-644-7732 GPSTC Garden City
Brinson, Britt 478-993-4517 GFSTC
Bruner, Jenny Lynn 478-993-4998 GFA
Byrd, Mike 478-993-4258 GFA
Calloway, Maria 478-993-4270 GPA
Cannon, Neil 478-993-4378 DJJ
Carroll, Daniel 478-993-4692 MCCD
Ceasar, Vanna 478-993-4420 GPSTC Food Services
Chandler, Mary 478-993-4602   GBI
Clements, Linda 478-993-4622 GPSTC Basic Training
Corbitt, Glyn 478-993-4262 GPA
Couch, Judy 478-993-4416 GPSTC Executive
Couch, Wayland 478-993-4458 GPSTC Registrar
Cox, Michael 229-386-3978 GPSTC Tifton
Cox, Robert 706-568-2025 GPSTC Columbus
Crooms, Richard 478-993-4328 GPSTC Firearms
Croxton, Lee 478-993-4473 GPA
Cuellar, Bob 229-386-3606 GPSTC Tifton
Cuendet, Brian 478-993-4431 GSP
Cummings, David 478-993-4516 GFSTC
Cusachs, Melanie 706-369-6342 GPSTC Athens
Davis, Kina 478-993-4222   GPSTC Housekeeping
Davis, Tisa 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Dean, Barbara 478-993-4430 GPSTC Instructional Services
Dean, Jeff 478-993-4690 GFA
Dearing, Lee Ann 478-993-4365 GPSTC Driver Training
Dixon, Richard 706-369-6342 GPSTC Athens
Dorris, Greg 478-993-4369 GPSTC Driver Training
Doss, Ernie 404-679-0547 Region V EMS
Driskell, Jeremy 678-880-4845 GPSTC Cherokee
Dumas, Doris 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Dumas, Linda 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Eastling, Amanda 478-993-4413 GPSTC Instructional Services
Edmiston, Melanie 478-993-4417 GPSTC Human Resources
Etheridge, Megan --   GPSTC Support Services
Evans, Greg 478-471-5786 GPSTC Bibb
Evans, Judy 478-993-4601 GBI
Evans, Shandy 478-993-4992 GPSTC Instructional Services
Ford, Kevin 478-993-4616 GSP
Franklin, Cindy 478-993-4402 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Freeman, Wanda 478-993-4263 GPSTC Instructional Services
Friendly, Deion 478-993-4491 GPSTC Support Services
Fuss, Jonathan 478-993-4441 GPA
Gallmon, Deborah 478-993-4491 GPSTC Registrar
Gardner, Andy 478-993-4650 Department of Community Supervision Training
Goolsby, Ashly 478-993-4327 GPSTC Firearms
Greathouse, Cheryl 478-993-4637 GPSTC Instructional Services
Green, Delores 478-993-4315 GFA
Greenfield, Mary 478-993-4467 GPA
Griffith, Chad 478-993-4415 GPSTC Technical Services
Halstead, Donald 478-993-4327   GPSTC Firearms
Ham, Adam 478-993-4445 GPSTC Technical Services
Hancock, Mike 478-993-4681 GFSTC
Harmon, Charlene 478-993-4613 GEMA
Harper, James 478-993-4959 GPA
Harrelson, Kim 478-993-4429 GPSTC Technical Services
Harris, Chris 478-993-4323 GFA
Harris, LaSonya 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Harris, Randy 478-757-3620 GPSTC Bibb
Hattaway, Greg 478-993-4367 GPSTC Driver Training
Henderson, Delores 478-993-4251 GPSTC Housekeeping
Henderson, Gordon 478-993-4526 GFSTC
Hester, Billy 478-993-4348 GPSTC Support Services
Hester, Macenzie 478-993-4499 GPA
Hightower, Tony 478-993-4401 GPSTC Executive
Hodges, Mark 478-993-4534 GSP
Hodges, Penny 478-993-4374 GPSTC Driver Training
Holcombe, Emily -- GPSTC Fiscal Services
Holloway, Mark 478-993-4530 GSP
Hopper, Barry 478-993-4685 GFA
Hunt, Paige 706-568-2025 GPSTC Columbus
Hunt, Rebecca 478-471-5796 GPSTC Bibb
Hurst, James 478-993-4965 MCCD
Irby, Monaleto 478-993-4659 DJJ
Ivey, Elouise 478-993-4427 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Ivey, Hannah 478-993-4493 GPA
Jackson, Annette 478-993-4380 DJJ
Jackson, Sonya 478-993-4624 GPSTC Instructional Services
James, Mandy 478-993-4540 DNR
Johnson, Gay 478-993-4662 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Johnson, Jeremy 478-993-4346   GPSTC Physical Plant
Johnson, Kevin 478-993-4327 GPSTC Firearms
Johnson, Shaun 706-568-2025 GPSTC Columbus
Jones, Charties 478-993-4377 GPSTC Vehicle Maintenance
Jones, Jason 478-993-4479 GPA
Jones, Sharon 478-993-4286 GPSTC Instructional Services
Kelley, Halima 478-993-4279 GPSTC Food Services
Knight, Amy 478-993-4635 GPSTC Instructional Services
Knight, David 478-993-4332 GPSTC Firearms
Knight, Shawn 478-993-4623 GPA
Kovarovic, Jason 478-993-4646 DJJ
Kramer, Whitman 478-993-4528 GPA
Langford, Gary 478-993-4432 GSP
Lariscy, Joe 478-993-4673 GFA
Laurence, Harriett 478-993-4629 GPA
Laurence, John 478-993-4400 GPSTC Support Services
Law, Wade 478-993-4543 DNR
Layfield, Tina 478-993-4425 GPSTC Technical Services
Lechtenberg, Kacee 478-993-4421 GPSTC Food Services
Ledford, Andy 478-993-4601 GBI
Lewis, Luvenia 478-993-4634   DJJ
Littleton, Kim 478-993-4981 GA Association of EMS
Lowrimore, John 478-993-4474 GPA
Maccarone, Chris 478-993-4670 GFA
Mailloux, Kendall 229-386-3606 GPSTC Tifton
Massengale, Lori 478-993-4409 Department of Community Supervision Training
Mathis, Jan 478-993-4524 GFSTC
McDaniel, Jason 478-993-4650 Department of Community Supervision Training
McGee, Russ 478-993-4990 Region V EMS
McIntyre, Marcia 478-993-4650 Department of Community Supervision Training
McLeroy, Ellen 478-993-4466 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Mckibben, Greg 478-993-4691 GFA
Mcmichael, Tommy 478-993-4353   GPSTC Physical Plant
Melton, Tim 478-471-2778 GPSTC Bibb
Merritt, Alisha 478-993-4231 GPSTC Instructional Services
Mills, Gary 478-993-4533 GSP
Mitts, Richard 912-644-7771 GPSTC Garden City
Mixon, Billy 706-569-3058 GPSTC Columbus
Mooney, Larry 478-993-4506 GPA
Moore, Daniel 478-993-4357   GPSTC Physical Plant
Moreland, Margaret 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Moreland, Marnissa 478-993-4225 GPSTC Registrar
Morgan, Sigmund 478-993-4679 DJJ
Moss, Joe 478-993-4354   GPSTC Physical Plant
Mulkey, Michael 478-993-4657 DJJ
Murner, Barry 478-993-4316 GPSTC Instructional Services
Musselman, Art 478-993-4507 GPA
Ortiz, Carlos 478-993-4450 GPA
Owens, Brad 478-993-4368 GPSTC Driver Training
Paski, Lisa 706-369-6342 GPSTC Athens
Payne, Richard 478-993-4658 DJJ
Pickle, Rodney 478-993-4392 GFA
Pollett, Justin 912-644-7766 jpollett GPSTC Garden City
Ponder, Deautra 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Poole, William 478-993-4222 GPSTC Housekeeping
Purgason, Miranda 478-993-4442 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Rathel, Tony 478-993-4226 GSP
Register, Mary 478-993-4553 GSP
Richards, Kristin 678-880-4847 GPSTC Cherokee
Ridgway, Ed 478-993-4376 GPSTC Vehicle Maintenance
Ritchey, Angela 229-386-3606 GPSTC Tifton
Roberts, John 478-993-4333 GPSTC Firearms
Roberts, Sheree 478-993-4363 GPSTC Technical Services
Robinson, Wayne 478-993-4308 GFA
Rollins, Vicky 478-993-4650 Department of Community Supervision Training
Roque, Jorge 478-993-4684 GFA
Rotter, Craig 478-993-4602 GBI
Rutty, Roxanne 478-993-4665 DJJ
Sams, Annie 478-993-4677 DJJ
Sapp, Don 478-993-4319 GFA
Sapp, Ginny 478-993-4695 GFA
Saxon, Ray 478-993-4648 GPSTC Basic Training
Schermer, Bryan 478-993-4288 GPSTC Technical Services
Scott, Kim 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Shaw, Debbie 478-993-4601 GBI
Shockley, Sharla 478-993-4405 GPSTC Executive
Sikes, Jim 478-993-4653 Department of Community Supervision Training
Smith, Marty 229-386-3977 GPSTC Tifton
Southerland, Shelly 478-993-4331 GPSTC Firearms
Spahn, Pete 478-471-5786 GPSTC Bibb
Stanford, Bruce 478-993-4481 GPA
Stark, Melba 478-993-4403 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Strickland, Lloyd 478-993-4276 GPSTC Technical Services
Strickland, Sharon 478-993-4677 DJJ
Strickland, Stephen 478-993-4271 GPA
Surry, Tequila 478-993-4699 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Swift, Natasha 478-993-4634 DJJ
Taliaferro, John 912-644-7765 GPSTC Garden City
Tanner, Liesl 912-644-7766 GPSTC Garden City
Taylor, Gwen 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Taylor, Jerry 478-993-4354   GPSTC Physical Plant
Taylor, Tim 478-993-4350 GFA
Tharpe, Everette 478-993-4404 GPSTC Food Services
Thompson, Cathy 478-993-4346 GPSTC Physical Plant
Vertin, Steve 478-993-4958 GPSTC Firearms
Walker, Amy 478-993-4435 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Walker, Lisa 478-993-4964 MCCD
Wall, David 478-993-4697 GFA
Walton, Alice 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Weissgerber, John 678-880-4845 GPSTC Cherokee
Westbrook, Ed 478-993-4621 GEMA
White, Cathy 478-993-4981 GA Association of EMS
White, Melissa 478-993-4277 GPSTC Instructional Services
Wigginton, Chris 478-993-4408 GPSTC Executive
Willis, Peggy 478-993-4411 GPSTC Human Resources
Willoughby, Glenn 478-993-4245 GPSTC Print Shop
Wilson, Chadd 678-880-4846 GPSTC Cherokee
Woodall, Erin 478-993-4446 GPSTC Fiscal Services
Woodell, Scott 478-993-4568 GSP
Wright, Jacqueline 478-993-4248   GPSTC Food Services
Wyndham-Quin, Janet 478-993-4602   GBI
Young, Dawn 478-993-4531 GSP
Zara, Ron 706-369-6334 GPSTC Athens